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Competition for the layout of Church Square, Pretoria


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By 1909 WB BARBOURE was working for the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT of the TRANSVAAL COLONY in Pretoria and in 1910 The Pretoria News published the winning designs for the layout of Church Square, Pretoria: first prize was awarded to VS REES-POOLE and WB Barboure in collaboration as REES-POOLE & BARBOURE.

(see Pretoria News 7 Oct 1910)

John FILTNESS arrived in South Africa in 1909, joining the office of BAKER & FLEMING in Johannesburg for two years. In 1910, in collaboration with Gordon LEITH, he was placed second in the competition for the layout of Church Square in Pretoria: the central feature of his design being a column set in an oval pool and surmounted by a winged figure and crowns.

Allan McGregor RITCHIE and Harry George VEALE collaborated in presenting 'a beautiful design for the Ornamentation of Church Square' (Pta News Oct 7, 1910, suppl) which received as much admiration as did the winning design by REES-POOLE & BARBOURE.

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