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Architecture of the Transvaal

Chapter three page 55

Author:Holm, Dieter
Title:Kerkplaats and Capitalists: The First Architects in Context

The twin Transvaal cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg had their own cultural milieu at the turn of the nineteenth century. Dieter Holm seeks the intentions, meanings and visions of the first architects of these two cities.

Buildings linked to this chapter

Church Square, 1910, Central, Pretoria, Gauteng. pp 61
Palace of Justice, 1898, Central, Pretoria, Gauteng. pp 65
President Kruger's house, 1883, Pretoria, Gauteng. pp 66
Raadsaal, 1889, Central, Pretoria, Gauteng. pp 64
Second Corner House, 1895, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 70
Staatsmodel School, 1897, Pretoria, Gauteng. pp 65
State Gymnasium, 1898, Pretoria, Gauteng. pp 65