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Title:Register of Members the Institute of South African Architects
Publisher:ISAA (Unpublished Record)

This list is recreated from the database from the referencing provided by Joanna Walker on the original electronic copy.

People or firms linked to this book

ABBOTT, Reginald Carter. pp A1
ADAMS, Martin. pp A2
AHRENDS, Steffen. pp A3
ALBERT, George Gerald. pp A4
ALDWINCKLE, Herbert John. pp A5
ALLAN, Charles Cyril. pp A6
ALLAN, James Wilkie. pp A7
ANDERSON, James Millet. pp A8
ANGELINI, Guido. pp A9
ARCHIBALD, James. pp A10
BAILEY, Wellesley Cosby Patrick. pp B1
BAKER, Sir Herbert. pp B1b
BARBOUR, Percival Hamilton. pp B2
BARBOURE, William Bruce. pp B3
BARKER, Douglas Graham. pp B4
BATCHELOR, William West. pp B5
BATESON, Frederic. pp B6
BEATTIE, Owen Keith. pp B7
BEISLEY, Philip Stephen. pp B8
BERNHARD, Gerald Joseph Conrad. pp B9
BLAIR, John Rankin. pp B10
BOWCOCK, Frederick. pp B11
BRUSTMEYER, Edmund John Valentine. pp B12
BUCKLEY, Herbert John. pp B13
BULLOCK, Ronald. pp B14
BULLOCK, Ronald L. pp B14
BURG, Johannes Rienk. pp B15
CAIRNS, William John. pp C1
CARTWRIGHT, Lancelot Dean. pp C2
CHANDLER, Albert Henry. pp C3
CHAPMAN, Simon. pp C4
CHERRY, Walter Binns (Wallie). pp C5
CHICK, Horace Egerton. pp C6
CLARKE, Harold Spencer. pp C7
CLAYTON, Harry. pp C8
COLE BOWEN, Robert Edward, (Coley). pp C8-9
COLLINS, Henry Albert. pp C9
COLTMAN, Arthur Oakley. pp C10
COMMIN, Kenneth Vernon. pp C11
COOK, Arthur Frank Redington. pp C12
COOK, James Charles. pp C12b
COOPER, John Reginald. pp C13
CORBEN, Horace Joseph. pp C14
CORNELIUS, Edward Stewart. pp C15
CORNELIUS, William James. pp C16
CORNISH, Charles Stephen. pp C17
COWEN, Maurice. pp C17b1
COWIN, Norris Tynwald. pp C17b
COX, Gurth Howard. pp C18
CROTHALL, Cuthbert James. pp C19
DAKERS, Frederick Charles William. pp D1
DAMSTRA, Mello Gerardus. pp D2
DAVIE, James Nicoll. pp D3
DAVIE, William. pp D4
DAY, John Ernest Theodore. pp D5
DE ZWAAN, Wilhelm Johannes. pp D6
DELBRIDGE, William John. pp D6b
DEUCHAR, Charles Cunnold. pp D7
DEWAR, Andrew Redcote. pp D7b
DOWSETT, Sydney Charles. pp D8
DRUMMOND, Archibald Leander. pp D9
DRY, Thomas Jan. pp D10
EAGLE, Piercy James (Patrick). pp E1a
EARLE, Leslie Marriott. pp E1a
EDMEADES, Allen Orlando. pp E1
EDWARDS, John Christian. pp E3
EDWARDS, Nelly. pp E4
EDWARDS, Charles Henry. pp E2
ELK, Louis. pp E5
ELSWORTH, Lancelot Andrew. pp E5b
EMLEY, Frank. pp E5b
ENSOR, Cecil Arthur James. pp E6
FAGG, William George. pp F1
FALLON, Walter Adolphus Ritchie. pp F2
FARROW, John Wilford Hilbert. pp F3
FERGUSON, John Bryce. pp F4
FINLAY, Howard. pp F5
FITT, John Edward. pp F6
FLEISCHMANN, Erwin Walter. pp F7
FORBES-IRVIN, Alexander. pp F8
FORREST, Alexander. pp F9
FORSYTH, Alexander. pp F10
FORT, Herbert. pp F11
FRASER, Andrew Clark. pp F12
FRIPP, George Utting. pp F13
FROST, Arthur Stanley. pp F14
FURNER, Arthur Stanley. pp F14b
FYVIE, Horace. pp F15
GALLAGHER, Norman William. pp G1
GARDNER, James. pp G2
GAW, John. pp G3
GEERS, Leendert Marinus. pp G3b
GERNHOLTZ, Carl August Paul. pp G4
GIBB, John. pp G5
GIBBS, Arthur Henry. pp G6
GIBBS, William Downes. pp G7
GLENNIE, Frederick McIntosh. pp G7b
GLOVER, John Charles Lloyd. pp G8
GOODRICKE, Gwynneth Gertrude. pp G9
GRAHAM, John. pp G9
GRAHAM, Richard Hodgson. pp G10
GRANT, William Hood. pp G11
GREEFF, Jeremiah Johan. pp G12
GRINKER, Leopold. pp G12-13
GRUBB, Ernest. pp G13
GUNDERSON, Gunne Alfred. pp G14
HALL, George Henry Lockwood. pp G14b
HALL, Joseph Lockwood. pp G14-H1
HAY, Alexander Morrison. pp H1
HENDERSON, George Gow. pp H2
HENDERSON, John Louis. pp H3
HESSE, Francois. pp H4
HILL, Patrick Daniel. pp H6
HOBBS, Henry Barton. pp H7
HOFMAN, Jan Arie. pp H8
HUDSON-HOLDGATE, John Graham (Lt Col). pp H9
HUTCHINSON, Fred. pp H10
HYND, William. pp H11
ING, Frederick John. pp I1a
ISAACS, Samuel. pp I1
JACKMAN, James. pp J1
JACKSON, Reginald Neville. pp J2
JAFFRAY, Francis Andrew Oldacre. pp J3
JEFFERSON, Robert Charles. pp J4
JONES, Herbert Thomas. pp J5
JONES, Reginald Hugh. pp J5b
JONES, Victor Thomas. pp J6
KALLENBACH, Hermann. pp K1
KEENOR, Edward Lancey. pp K2
KELLY, Cecil Walter. pp K3
KENNEDY, Alexander MacFarlane. pp K4
KERR, John Cameron. pp K5
KIRBY, Henry Ernest. pp K6
KUNZ, Christian. pp K7
LAIDLER, George (Snowball). pp L1
LAMBERT, Leslie Charles. pp L2
LANE, Cyril Gordon. pp L3
LANSLEY, William George. pp L4
LAURYSSEN, John. pp L5
LAWRIE, Alexander Fraser. pp L6
LAWSON, Frank Lionel. pp L7
LAWSON, George Gavin. pp L8
LE SUEUR, Geoffrey Eustace. pp L8b
LEITCH, Arthur. pp L9
LEITH, George Esselmont Gordon. pp L9b
LETORD, Joseph Angelo Leopold. pp L10
LEWIS, David Ivor. pp L11
LEWIS, Stakesby. pp L12
LIGHTON, Norman Charles Kingsley. pp L13
LINDHOUT, Simon Pieter van Wijngaarden. pp L14
LOUW, George Muller. pp L15
LOUW, Hendrik Jacobus. pp L16
LOUW, Wynand Hendrik. pp L16b
LOWE, John Robert. pp L17
LUBYNSKI, Lucian Adrian. pp L18
LUGG, Charles Bernard. pp L19
LYON, John. pp L20
MABIN, George Albert de Lisle. pp M1
MacBEAN, Ian Bryce. pp M2
MacKENZIE, Kenneth Roland. pp M5
MacKENZIE, Ian Duncan. pp M3
MacKENZIE, John Fraser. pp M4
MAITLAND, James Reid. pp M6
MANSERGH, Brian George Lewis. pp M6-7
MARGO, Saul Lewis. pp M7
MASEY, Frederick William. pp M7-8
MASON, Joseph Henry Beckett. pp M8
MASON, William Hutchinson. pp M9
MAYNARD, Charles Edward Foulkes. pp M10
McCONNELL, Leonard Forbes. pp M11
McDONALD, Donald Calvert. pp M11-12
McEWAN, George. pp M12
McKILLOP, Robert Colin. pp M12-13
McKINLAY, Walter Nicol. pp M13
McQUEEN, Hugh Alexander. pp M14
McWILLIAMS, William John. pp M15
MEANWELL, John. pp M15-16
MERRIFIELD, Charles Henry Norman. pp M16
MITCHELL, Cecil Thomas. pp M16-17
MITCHELL, William Abercrombie. pp M17
MITCHELSON, Sydney Percival Hill. pp 18
MOERDYK, Gerard Leendert Pieter. pp M18b
MOFFAT, John Arthur Carter. pp M20
MOFFAT, John Abraham. pp M19
MOLLISON, William. pp M21
MOORE, Ruben. pp M22
MOORE, Victor Prosper. pp M23
MORRIS, James. pp M23-24
MORSE, Herbert Milner Rouse. pp M24
MURDOCH, Robert Smith. pp M25
MURRAY-JONES, William. pp M26
NELSON, John Peel. pp N1
NEWCOMBE, Thomas. pp N3
NEWCOMBE, Donald Lansdown. pp N2
NEWHAM, William Benjamin Turner. pp N4
NICHOLAS, Cyril James. pp N5
NICHOLSON, Harry Leslie. pp N6
NIVEN, James Just. pp N7
NOICK, Goodman. pp N8
NORBURN, Richard Wilfred. pp N9
NORTHEY, Horace Martin. pp N10
NUNN, Aubrey Victor. pp N10b
NURCOMBE, Donald Lansdowne. pp N11
OBEL, Louis Theodore. pp O1
OSBOURN, Edward. pp O2
OXENER, Jan Arend. pp O3
PARKER, Frank. pp P1
PARKER, John Kilgour. pp P2
PARR, David Joseph. pp P3
PATERAKE, Spiridon. pp P4
PATON, James Wallace. pp P5
PAYNE, Wilfrid Stonehouse. pp P5b
PAYNTER, William. pp P6
PEARCE, Henley Dawson. pp P7
PEARSE, Geoffrey Eastcott. pp 95, 189
PEASE, Alec. pp P8
PERRY, John. pp P8b
PIKE, John. pp P9
PILKINGTON, Henry Lionel Gordon. pp P10
POWERS, Ernest Marston. pp P11
PRELLER, Louis Botha. pp P12
PURNELL, Edmund. pp P13
RADE, Ben William Julius. pp R1
RAINE, Frederick. pp R2
RALSTON, John. pp R3
REID, Walter. pp R3b
ROBERTS, Frank. pp R4
ROBERTSON, Robert MacBeth. pp R5
ROGERS, Fergus Carstairs. pp R6
ROSE, Ernest. pp R7
ROWE, George. pp R8
ROWE, Henry Rowe. pp R9
RUSSELL, Thomas Armstrong. pp R10
RUTGERS, Barend. pp R11
RUTGERS, Jan Hendrik. pp R12
SCHOLTE, Anton Hendrik. pp S1
SCHWARTZEL, William Arthur. pp S3
SEELIGER, Johann Carl Ernest. pp S3
SENEQUE, Joseph Louis Clement. pp S4
SERCOMBE, Stanley Nelson. pp S5
SIEMERINK, Hendrik. pp S6
SIMMONS, James Edward. pp S7
SIMON, Abraham. pp S8
SIMONSEN, Hans Hay Wilhelm. pp S9
SIMPSON, Horace Sydney Kendal. pp S10
SIMPSON, Thomas (Tommy). pp S11
SLOAN, William James. pp S12
SMAIL, David Ian Hay. pp S13
SMALL, Charles. pp S14
SMALL, Leslie Louis. pp S15
SMITH, Joseph Andrew. pp S18
SMITH, Leslie Ivan. pp S19
SMITH, Charles Henry. pp S16
SMITH, Harold Bayldon. pp S17
SOFF, Francois (Frans). pp S20
SPICER, Harold Wolseley. pp S21
STEVENSON, Ernest Henry. pp S22
STRAMROOD, Matheus Adelbert. pp S23
STRATTON, Alan Alfred John. pp S24
SULLIVAN, Reginald Victor. pp S25
SUTHERLAND, Hector Reginald. pp S26
SUVERKROP, Robert MacKay. pp S27
SYMONS, Arthur Campbell. pp S28
TAIT, Alfred Alexander. pp T1
THOMAS, Herbert Ewart. pp T2
THOMPSON, Albert John. pp T3
THOMPSON, William Ernest Lisle. pp T4
THOMSON, Edward Horsburgh. pp T5
TIMLIN, William Mitcheson. pp T5b
TOLL, Edward Roy. pp T6
TOMKYNS, Harold Glencoe. pp T7
TORSTENSON, Martin Bergman. pp T8
TREEBY, Philip Edward. pp T9
TREVAIL, Edwin Silvaun. pp T10
TRIBELHORN, Jacob Coenraad. pp T11
TULLY, John Collingwood. pp T12
TWINE, William. pp T13
VINCENT, John Harold. pp V2
VOGLER, Gunnar F. pp V3
WALKER, Leonard Harbord. pp W2
WALKER, Leonard Kendle. pp W3
WALKER, Hugh Aitken Hutchinson. pp W1
WALLACE, Herbert Alexander Craig. pp W4
WALLIS, Douglas Thomas. pp W5
WARD, Herbert Gordon. pp W6
WARREN, Leslie George. pp W7
WATERSON, John. pp W8
WATSON, Henry Arthur Ingress. pp W9
WAUGH, Edward Henry. pp W10
WAYBURNE, Israel (Issie). pp W11
WHITE, Leonard William Thornton. pp W11b
WHITTON, Lionel Frank. pp W12
WICKEE, Charles John. pp W13
WILKS, William Broadbridge. pp W14
WILLIAMS, Edward Sidney Heatley. pp W15
WILLIAMSON, Frederick. pp W16
WILLIS, George Matthew (snr). pp W17
WILSON, James Morrison. pp W18
WILSON, John Goddard. pp W19
WILSON, Thomas Wortley. pp W20
WINTLE, Hugh Rupert Llewellyn. pp W21
WOOLLEY, Henry Howell. pp W22
WRIGHT, Edward Owen. pp W23
WRIGHT, George Frederick. pp W24
WROE-STREET, Fred. pp W25