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Author:Potgieter, DJ (Editor-in-chief)
Title:Standard Encyclopaedia of South Africa [SESA] Volume 10 Sle-Tun
Place: Cape Town

Chapters/Entries in this book

SOLOMON, Joseph Michael

Herrman, Louis51

Lewcock, Ronald B [assumed]468
THIBAULT, Louis Michel

Cook, Mary Alexander489
TRANSPORT, early land

Telford, AA568
TRANSPORT, Marine. (1) Sailing ships

Telford, AA573

Buildings linked to this book

Stuttaford's Building, 1897 : 1903 : 1929, Johannesburg, Gauteng. pp 560
Swartberg Pass, 1878-1888, Prince Albert, Western Cape. pp 369
Tradouw Pass, 1868-1873, Barrydale, Western Cape. pp 560
Woodhead Reservoir, 1893-1897, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 399

People or firms linked to this book

SOLOMON, Joseph Michael. pp 51
TELFORD, Alexander Alan. pp 568-572; 573-576