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University of Pretoria, Women’s Residence – ‘House Nala’
Hatfield, Pretoria, Gauteng

Christiaan Strauss BRINK: Architect

Client:University of Pretoria
Street:1071 South Street


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25°45'12.17" S 28°14'01.07" E Alt: 1376m

House Nala is a female residence at the University of Pretoria that was established in 1961. Previously named Klaradyn, the residence was renamed in 2018 as part of the University’s transformation campaigns.

The residence’s colour is yellow when it comes to showing student culture and spirit, and House Nala is protected by their Lion mascots, Oom (‘uncle’) Cleo and Patra, which are situated outside of the entrance. The lions are traditionally painted yellow but in celebration of the residence’s 60th anniversary, they were painted gold. The lions have also been stolen multiple times by other residences and have therefore been cemented to the ground. The residence was renovated in 2015 and made to suit a much more modern style with a more muted colour palette of dark greys in comparison to the greens that previously enclosed the building.

The residence can house 270 residents at full capacity, providing 54 double rooms (108 beds) for Welpies (‘lion cubs’, which is what the residence calls their first-year residents) and 162 single rooms for Semis (second-years) and Seniors (third-years and above). The residence has 7 floors, of which the ground (1st) floor is composed of communal spaces including the front entrance, foyer, recreation hall, IT lab, sitting room, and laundry room, as well as it provides access to the gardens and swimming pool outside. The gardens are shared amongst the JAKE residents. JAKE is an acronym used to refer to the residences in the block that uses the residence’s old names; Jasmyn (Khutso), Asterhof, Klaradyn (House Nala) and Erika (Erica). House Nala’s 2nd - 7th floors are organized into corridors where the ladies’ rooms are. Each corridor is fairly symmetrical around the central staircase and lift shaft and, contains a study room and scullery on one side of the corridor. Each side of the corridor also has a room with three showers and a room with three toilets. (Six of each per floor). Double rooms are placed towards the end of the corridors closer to the fire escapes. There is also a bridge connecting House Nala to House Khutso which contains other rooms inside its structure, and an old dining hall that connects the residence to Erica. The ground floor is also connected to the Head of Residence/House Parents’ home, and a group of rooms for ladies, called the ‘Grot’, that are available through special application and motivation. The residence has an archive (the location of which cannot be disclosed) that holds the history, heritage, and treasures of House Nala.

(Robyn Wolmarans, June 2021)

These notes were last edited on 2021 06 25