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House Karel Landman
Uithoek Farm, Glencoe district, KwaZulu-Natal


This vernacular cottage, in the Glencoe district in KZN, was the home of Voortrekker leader Karel Pieter Landman (1795 – 1875). He lived here from 1852 to 1875. It was declared a National Monument in 1938, and is now a SAHRA provincial heritage site. (Lila Lomnick)

"The Karel Landman House is located on the farm Uithoek in the Glencoe Valley and dates from just after the Battle of Ncome /Blood River in 1838. Landman and his son-in-law, Jan de Jager passed through the area on the way to the battle and were attracted to it. After the battle, in which Landman was second in command of the Boers, he settled on Uithoek and his daughter Susanna and de Jager settled on the adjoining farm Wasbank. The Karel Landman House is the oldest surviving pioneer house in Kwazulu-Natal. It is located on private property but can be viewed by prior arrangement with the owner." (Extracted from Amafa / Heritage KwaZulu Natal website. Submitted by Lila Komnick)

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