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Cape Field Artillery Headquarters
Wingfield, Cape Town, Western Cape

Type:Military structure


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33°53'14.21" S 18°32'11.64" E

An adaptive re-use of an aircraft hangar.

Wingfield Aerodrome was originally Cape Town's airport. It extended from Voortrekker Road in the south through to the suburb of Edgemead in the north. During World War 2, the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm occupied it.

Before the M7 and N1 highways were constructed, the Wingfield Aerodrome was much larger than it is today. The majority of the existing buildings - either occupied or abandoned by the military - at Wingfield are either the original pre-WW2 commercial or WW2 Fleet Air Arm buildings. The Cape Field Artillery Headquarters are accommodated in one of the re-purposed aircraft hangars.

The bulk of the Wingfield ground is still fairly sparsely built and includes the Navy's SAS WINGFIELD Technical College, Naval Stores Depot and Acacia Park Parliamentary Village to the west of the M7 and Fort iKapa and the Goodwood Prison to the east. The actual runways were located in the Southwest quadrant.

The Cape Town airport subsequently moved to Youngsfield (now also a shadow of its original size) and then later to the site of the current Cape Town International Airport.

Text adapted and extended from information provided by Chris Dooner, September 2019.

Submitted by William Martinson.