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Bedford Hotel
Benoni, Gauteng

Status:Demolished c1966

Replaced by a building called Bedford Court.

Transcript of the entry for Bedford Hotel included in the the book 'Environs of the Golden City and Pretoria':

BEDFORD HOTEL, Corner of Bedford Street & Cranbourne Ave.

As will be seen from the accompanying photographic reproduction, the Bedford Hotel is a compact little establishment, and whatever attractions its exterior may convey, are subsidiary to the internal appointments and arrangements, which are on a scale of comfort and convenience well worthy of a notice in this volume.

The Bedford Hotel has a distinctive individuality and air of substantial well-being particularly welcome to anyone who had been sojourning in establishments where less attention is paid to the comfort and consideration of guests.

It was built in 1918 and all its details are exemplary of the utmost good management.

The fact that it is under the personal direction of Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Huntley, says much for the pleasing manifestation of rigorous care that is always exercised in every item of the hotel. The Bedford is specially noted for the excellence of its cuisine, and its fame in that connection is well upheld by the equipment in its culinary departments, which includes various ingenious machines that reduce hand contact with the commodities to a minimum, and also operate with remarkable efficiency in the saving of time and labour.

All the Boer-meal bread consumed in the Bedford is made in its spacious model kitchen.

The hotel had 25 bedrooms, all very nicely furnished, with an adequate series of both hot and cold water baths.

The attractive public lounges of the Bedford are popular resorts, and it may be mentioned that practically all the sporting clubs of Benoni make the Bedford their headquarters.

A separate building included in the hotel premises is admirably suited for dances and entertainments of all kinds.

Anyone visiting the two public bars of the Bedford cannot fail to be struck with their handsome mahogany fittings. They were made by Waring & Gillow London, for the Imperial Hotel, Bloemfontein and when that establishment taken over by the Government for a Post Office, they were purchased for incorporation in the Bedford Hotel bars.

Mr Huntley hails from London, and was for many years in Government service in the House of Commons. He had extensive experience in public catering in South Africa, and certainly is the right man in the right place as lessee of the Bedford, which he has had since 1926.

Source: Macmillan, A. Environs of the Golden City and Pretoria. Cape Times. Cape Town pp 152.

(Submitted by William MARTINSON)

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Macmillan, Allister. 1933. Environs of the Golden City and Pretoria. Cape Town: Cape Times. pg 152, 152 ill