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Tlhabane Shopping Centre
Tlhabane, North West

Type:Shopping Centre


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25°38'46.88" S 27°12'45.30" E Alt: 1193m

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The Tlhabane Shopping Centre was completed during the late 1980's as part of the Tlhabane Town Centre development on Portion 11 of Erf 3582, Tlhabane Unit 1.

The Shopping Centre buildings have some minor architectural significance in their attempt at place making - with internal courtyards, covered approaches and spatial planning creating axial relationships to the other major buildings on the site.

A notable feature of the design is the large steel framed gabled colonnades which cover the internal walkways and signify the entrances into the Shopping Centre complex. The same gabled features are attached to covered walkways fronting the north elevation onto the large public parking area.

Over the years, the Shopping Centre has accommodated various commercial, governmental and semi-state uses. The Meridian College was based in the Shopping Centre complex, prior to its relocation to the site of the former Tlhabane Sun Hotel and Casino.


Martinson, W A and Bruwer, J Heritage Scoping Report in respect of the property commonly known as Tlhabane Town Centre, (Portion 2 of Erf 3582, Portion 5 through to portion 8 of Erf 3582, Portion 10 through to portion 13 of Erf 3582 + Remainder of Erf 3582 Tlhabane Unit 1 Township), Rustenburg, North-West Province. Compiled for the GEPF, 20 November 2015.

(Submitted by William MARTINSON)