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Anglican Church - First
Rustenburg, North West


Type:Anglican Church

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25°40'33.65" S 27°14'42.07" E Alt: 1179m
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This is one of the oldest Anglican Churches to be built in the old ZAR. It was erected in 1871 and remained intact for 35 years after the new church had been built.

When in 1967 it was to make way for some new development and would have been demolished interested people banded together to preserve it. The building was dismantled and re-erected in the old Rustenburg cemetery.

In 1972 the church was accorded National Monument status. Sadly, some year ago the building burnt down. Probably through the neglect of some vagrants. Subsequently it was stripped of all that which could be turned into use or sold. The spot where the National Monuments plaque was ripped out of the wall can clearly be seen on one of the photos.

(Konrad Voges, July 2016)

It all started with an email from William MARTINSON, one of the regular contributors to Artefacts, after the first photos of the church were put onto the site, with a simple question "Does Konrad Voges know the original position of the church?". Konrad Voges, being an avid researcher of the buildings in the Rustenburg area set to work and, after a lot of effort, came up with the information contained in the two maps on the right.

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