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Ranger Monument
Skukuza district, Mpumalanga



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24°58'51.43" S 31°29'02.64" E Alt: 301m

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Transcription of plaque at base of Leadwood tree:


The Leadwood tree has survived where others have
disappeared from the landscape. Often alone, the
Leadwood stands tall where other trees have succumbed
to the elements. Hard and resilient the Leadwood stands
faced into the wind resisting storms, drought and fire.
Should an elephant push it over, a Leadwood will recover
provided a single root touches the soil and then once
again stand tall to face the elements. The Leadwood
epitomizes longevity, outlasting many challenges and
is a true icon of our Lowveld savanna.

Like the life of the Leadwood, the Rangers of Kruger
National Park have survived for more than 100 years.
They stand tall against adversaries. The Rangers
are resistant to hardship and set good examples at all
times. Their hearts are pure and large and their spirits
even larger.

The Rangers will survive, they will adapt and overcome
trials and tribulations till the end.

Protecting Kruger, Ranger and Leadwood stand
side by side.