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Chimes Tavern - Transvaal Hotel
Benoni, Gauteng

Date:1889 : c1903


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26°11'05.73" S 28°20'51.58" E Alt: 1620m

George William (Bill) Eaton built the Chimes in the year 1889 on his one and only claim he had left from the Chimes Gold Mine - number 335. As this was a prospector's claim he changed it at the Boksburg Magistrate's who at that time had jurisdiction over this area, to a diggers claim, as the law would not allow a liquor licence to be held on a prospector's claim.

The Chimes, built of wood and iron as most of the buildings were at that time. Part of the original wall still remains today behind a wooden partition in the foyer. Even though there were other hotels in the area the Chimes was regarded as the best known establishment.

The Chimes did very good business up until the Anglo Boer War between 1899 and 1902.

Jack and Ester Silbert owned the CHIMES for many years. from 1931 to 1963, and in the 32 years that they had ownership they changed the name from the Chimes to the Transvaal Hotel.

In 1963 Major Howie and his wife took over the hotel and changed the name back to the Chimes Tavern once again.

(Extracted from History of the Chimes)

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