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Mount Coke Mission Station
King William's Town district, Eastern Cape

Type:Mission Station

Built in July 1825; WMMS 1826; LMS 1830. It was visited by Andrew Geddes Bain in April 1829, when he reported as follows:

"We saw them building a large & elegant house fitting up in the first style, for which extravagance I suppose poor John Bull contributed pretty handsomely".

By the time Backhouse visited this mission in March 1839 it was in ruins.

"Mount Coke, like most other places in this country, bore marks of the devastations of war. The old mission-house, which was of stone, was in ruins, and there were but few inhabitants left upon the place. Some of these were living in huts of wattle-and-daub, of which material the unfinished houses of the Missionary and Catechist, and a rude building, without doors or windows, used as a chapel, were also constructed".

(South African History Online : Mission Stations)

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