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AAB, Frank Albert Werner - Engineer
ABBOTT, George Eric - Architect
ABBOTT, GR - Architect
ABBOTT, Reginald Carter - Architect
ABDEN, CF - Architect
ABLETT, ? - Contractor
ABRAHAMS, A - Architect
ABRAMOWITCH, Sidney A - Architect
ABRAMOWITZ, Alfred Isedore - Engineer
ABRAMSON, CD - Architect
ABRAMSON, Sam - Architect
ABRAMSON, SP - Architect
ABURROW, Charles - Architect
ACKERMANN, Adolphus William - Architect
ADAMS, ? - Architect
ADAMS, Burnet - Architect
ADAMS, George - Architect
ADAMS, Harry Archer - Architect
ADAMS, J - Architect
ADAMS, John - Architect
ADAMS, JS - Architect
ADAMS, Martin - Architect
ADAMSON, James Constantine - Clergyman - Minister
ADAMSON, William M - Architect
ADEBAYO, Ambrose - Architect
ADENDORFF, A - Architect
ADENDORFF, Gillian - Architect
ADKIN, AB - Architect
ADLER, George Arthur (Georg) - Architect
ADLER, Johann Dawid - Architect
AGO, AD - Architect
AGUTTER, Edwin Albert - Architect
AHRENDS, Steffen - Architect
AITCHISON, Mareuil de Villebois - Architect
ALATEROS, EH - Architect
ALBERT, EM - Architect
ALBERT, George Gerald - Architect
ALCOCK, AG - Architect
ALCOCK, Keith - Architect
ALDER, Cecil - Architect
ALDWINCKLE, Herbert John - Architect
ALDWINCLE, Herbet John - Architect
ALDWINKLE, Herbert John - Architect
ALDWYNCKLE, Herbert John - Architect
ALEXANDER, Frederick John - Architect
ALEXANDER, George Murray - Architect
ALEXANDER, Ian - Architect
ALEXANDER, James Edward - Engineer
ALEXANDER, John William - Architect
ALEXANDER, PG - Architect