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Records 51 to 100 starting with 'W'

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WARREN, William - Architect
WASSENAAR, GvZ - Architect
WASSERFALL, Jaco - Architect
WASSERMAN, OH - Architect
WATERMEYER, E - Architect
WATERMEYER, FS - Architect
WATERS, Spencer - Architect
WATERSON, John - Architect
WATERSTON, CE - Architect
WATERSTON, Graham E - Architect
WATKINS, DEJ - Architect
WATSON, Alan - Architect
WATSON, Brian W - Architect
WATSON, D - Architect
WATSON, D Lyall - Architect
WATSON, Henry Arthur Ingress - Architect
WATSON, James - Architect
WATSON, JC - Architect
WATSON, Patrick - Landscape Architect
WATSON, Robert - Architect
WATSON, Vanessa - Architect
WATT, ? - Architect
WATT, Patrick William - Architect
WATTS, George Frederic - Artist
WAUGH, Edward Henry - Engineer
WAUGH, Edward Walter Rail - Architect
WAYBURNE, Cyril - Architect
WAYBURNE, Israel (Issie) - Architect
WEALLEANS, Robert Rogerson - Architect
WEBB, AF - Architect
WEBB, DW - Architect
WEBB, Elven - Architect
WEBB, Maurice Everett - Architect
WEBBE, Claude Harold - Architect
WEBBER, ? - Architect
WEBBER, Bruce - Architect
WEBBER, FK - Architect
WEBBER, Henry Stanton - Architect
WEBBER, Jed - Architect
WEBBER, JH - Architect
WEBER, E - Architect
WEBSTER, DR - Architect
WEBSTER, HJ - Architect
WEEBER, HC - Architect
WEGELIN, Hans Willem - Architect
WEGERIF, Chris - Architect
WEGERIF, Johannes Christiaan - Architect
WEIDEMAN, Barend Petrus - Architect
WEIDNER, Charles - Architect

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