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WADDINGTON, Henry - Architect
WAGNER, Jon - Architect
WAGNER, Raymond - Architect
WAGNER, Werner - Architect
WALD, Herman - Artist
WALDECK, Rodney - Architect
WALDECK, Walter Franz - Architect
WALDMAN, D - Architect
WALDRON, Frank William - Engineer / Scientist
WALE, Laurence Sydney 'Laurie' - Honorary Architect
WALFORD, H - Architect
WALGATE, Charles Percival - Architect
WALGATE, Marion - Artist
WALKER, C - Architect
WALKER, David - Architect
WALKER, Henry James - Architect
WALKER, Hubert William - Architect
WALKER, Hubert William - Architect
WALKER, Hugh Aitken Hutchinson - Architect
WALKER, Joanna - Researcher
WALKER, Leonard Harbord - Architect
WALKER, Leonard Kendle - Architect
WALKER, M - Architect
WALKER, Peter - Interior
WALKER, Robert - Architect; Civil Engineer
WALKER and WILLIAMS, - Architect
WALL, JHE - Architect
WALLACE, Charles - Architect
WALLACE, Herbert Alexander Craig - Architect
WALLACE, Robert - Architect
WALLER, Richard (Ric) - Architect
WALLIS, Douglas Thomas - Architect
WALLIS, George - Architect
WALPOLE, John E (Capt) - Military Engineer
WALSCHE, JJ - Architect
WALSH, George - Architect
WALTERS, CJ - Architect
WALTERS, Dennis - Engineer
WALTERS, Dennis - Engineer
WALTERS, S - Architect
WALTON, James - Author
WANG, Derek - Architect
WANNENBURG, Pieter - Architect
WARD, Herbert Gordon - Architect
WARE, Percival Mitchell - Architect
WARNE, WH - Architect
WARNEKE, Rod - Architect
WARREN, Alfred George - Architect
WARREN, Leslie George - Architect
WARREN, Tom - Engineer