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TAIT, Alfred Alexander - Architect
TAIT, Henry Makins - Architect
TAIT, Thomas Smith - Architect
TAIT CONNER, William - Architect
TALJAARD, Carla - Architect
TALJAARD, Henri - Architect
TALJAARD, HJP - Architect
TALJAARDT, A - Architect
TALJARD, F - Architect
TALLIENS, Jean - Architect
TALLO, Gabor - Architect
TAMBLYN, WJ - Architect
TANDY, David Walter Harry - Architect
TANNER, Henry O, Sir - Architect
TANTON, Hubert John - Architect
TARBOTON, ? - Architect
TATHAM, Edmund - Architect
TATHAM, GF - Architect
TATHAM, Robert - Architect
TAYLOR, ? - Engineer
TAYLOR, Angus - Artist
TAYLOR, Charles Silver-Milne - Architect
TAYLOR, Frank - Architect
TAYLOR, H - Architect
TAYLOR, J Roger - Architect
TAYLOR, John SB - Architect
TAYLOR, Mike - Architect
TAYLOR, Shona - Architect
TAYOB, Abdool-Aziz Ahmed (Aziz) - Architect
TE GROEN, Albert - Architect
TE WATER, Frans K - Architect
TECHNAU, Barbara Auguste Helene - Architect
TEELING, Christopher P - Architect
TELFORD, Alexander Alan - Architect
TEMPLER, John Arthur - Architect
TEN HAGHUIS, Gerrit Jan - Architect
TENNANT, CE - Architect
TENNANT, James - Architect
TENNANT, Oliver R - Architect
TER MORSHUIZEN, Alan - Architect
TERBLANCHE, CE - Architect
TERBLANCHE, Jacques - Architect
TERRY, PR - Architect
TERRY, WR - Architect
TEUBES, Andreas Georg Hendrik - Architect
THEIJSSEN, Johannes Willem - Architect
THERON, Carel Johannes - Architect
THERON, FD - Architect
THERON, Gwen - Architect