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SAAIMAN, Casparus Jan Hendrik - Architect
SACHS, Feo - Architect
SACK, Monty - Architect
SACKS, A - Architect
SACKS, L - Architect
SADIE, JM - Architect
SAFFER, Ted E - Architect
SAIDI, Finzi - Architect
SAITOWITZ, Stanley - Architect
SALOMON, G - Architect
SALTER, Wendy - Architect
SAMSON, George Gordon - Architect
SANDER, Willy - Architect
SANDERS, Paul - Architect
SANDILANDS, J - Architect
SANDILANDS, John Millar - Architect
SANDROCK, Brian Alan T - Architect
SANDROCK, TC - Architect
SANTOS, Adéle Naudé - Architect
SANTRY, Denis - Architect
SAUER, Magdalena Gertruide (Magda) - Architect
SAUNDERS, Nina - Architect
SAUNDERS, Paul - Architect
SAVAGE, Colin - Architect
SAYCE, Conrad Harvey - Architect
SCHADY, AK - Architect
SCHAERER, Mark - Architect
SCHAERER, Theophile - Architect
SCHAERER, WR - Architect
SCHARER, W - Architect
SCHAUFFELBERG, Ernst - Architect
SCHEEPERS, Gehard - Architect
SCHEEPERS, M - Architect
SCHEFFEL, KD - Architect
SCHEFFER, CL - Architect
SCHIESS, Mario - Quantity Surveyor
SCHINGERLIN, N - Architect
SCHIRMACHER, Hans J - Architect
SCHLAPOBERSKY, Ivan - Architect
SCHMIDT, Carl - Architect
SCHMIDT, H - Architect
SCHMIDT, S - Architect
SCHMIDT, S - Architect
SCHMIDT, Siegfried - Architect
SCHMIKL, Robert Gustav - Architect
SCHNEIDER, HA - Architect
SCHNEPEL, HH - Architect
SCHOEMAN, JCB - Architect
SCHOEMAN, Johan - Architect