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RAATH, JC - Contractor
RAATH, O - Architect
RAATH, William - Architect
RABIE, Christiaan - Architect
RABIE, D - Architect
RABIE, F - Architect
RABINOWITZ, DG - Architect
RADE, Ben William Julius - Architect
RADEMACHER, BH - Architect
RADFORD, Dennis John Charles - Architect
RADFORD, John - Architect
RADOMSKY, H - Architect
RAINE, Frederick - Architect
RALPH, Eric Albert - Architect
RALSTON, John - Architect
RAMAGE, William - Architect
RAMAN, Pattabi Ganapathi - Architect
RAMBUSCH, Michael - Architect
RAMJEE, ? - Architect
RAMJEE, P - Architect
RAMPERSAD, Anand - Architect
RAMSAY, GN - Architect
RANKIN, William - Architect
RANSOME, Anthony Powell - Architect
RANSOME, George - Architect
RAPANOS, A - Architect
RAPANOS, T - Architect
RAS, AA - Architect
RAS, Jan Willem - Architect
RASMUSS, Henning Egger H - Architect
RASSMAN, Mike - Architect
RATHOUSE, S - Architect
RAU, Oscar Adolph Ernest - Architect
RAUBENHEIMER, Hein - Architect
RAYMOND, Vivian Iris - Architect
RAYNE, Michael - Architect
RAZAK, Tanzeem - Architect
READ, Charles E - Architect
READ, HA - Architect
READ, James - Architect
READ, Thomas Arthur - Architect
READ, WH - Architect
RECH, Silvio - Architect
REDDY, Krishna - Architect
REDDY, Kristappa - Architect
REDDY, Ruben - Architect
REDECKER, Gottlieb - Architect
REDELINGHUYS, Jannie - Architect
REDRUP, Sidney - Architect