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Records 1 to 50 starting with 'P'


P'YURA, ? - Architect
PABST, Wilhelm Bernhard - Architect
PACALT, Carl August - Missionary
PAGE, Edward S - Architect
PAGE, Edwin - Architect
PAHL, Pius Edmund - Architect
PAINE, Henry - Architect
PALFRAMAN, Andrew - Architect
PALIN, M - Architect
PALLISER, J - Architect
PALLISER, WA - Architect
PALMER, Alfred - Artist
PALMER, Alfred, R.O.I. - Artist
PALOTTA, ? - Architect
PANSEGROUW, J - Architect
PANTON-JONES, ND - Architect
PAPENDORF, Ferdinand Lodewicus - Architect
PAPENDORF, FL - Architect
PAPWORTH, Alfred Wyatt - Architect
PARK, William McCallum - Architect
PARK-ROSS, Iain - Architect
PARKER, Alfred Leonard - Architect
PARKER, Antony W - Architect
PARKER, Frank - Architect
PARKER, Graham - Architect
PARKER, HC - Architect
PARKER, Howard - Architect
PARKER, John - Architect
PARKER, John Kilgour - Architect
PARKER, K - Architect
PARKER, R Spencer - Architect
PARKER-FORSYTH, Thain Davison - Architect
PARKIN, William Gordon - Architect
PARKINS, Walter William - Architect
PARR, David Joseph - Architect
PARR, JH - Architect
PASSMORE, WH - Architect
PATEL, Sushma - Architect
PATERAKE, Spiridon - Architect
PATERSON, Peter - Engineer
PATON, James Wallace - Architect
PATRAKE, Spiridon - Architect
PATRELLIS, Simon - Architect
PATRICIOS, ? - Architect
PAULING, George Craig Saunders - Engineer
PAULING, Harold William - Railway Engineer
PAULING, Henry John - Railway Engineer
PAULING, Richard Clark - Engineer
PAUW, Samuel - Architect