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NAIDOO, Karuni - Architect
NAIDOO, S - Architect
NAIKER, Barasathi - Architect
NAIKER, Murugas (Morgasen) - Architect
NAIKER, Parsathi - Architect
NAIKER, Sandy - Architect
NAPIER, Alaric - Architect
NAPIER, Kevin Patrick - Architect
NATHAN, Malcolm - Architect
NATION, Shelagh Suzanne - Architect
NATION, Victor - Architect
NAUDE, Barend Andries - Architect
NAUDÉ, David Francois Hugo - Architect
NAUDÉ, Lianie - Interior
NAUDE, SV - Architect
NAUDÉ SANTOS, Adéle - Architect
NDUKU, Ntsindiso - Architect
NEETHLING, A - Architect
NEETHLING, Antonie Christoffel - Architect
NEETHLING, JH - Architect
NEILL, Robert Christopher - Architect
NEITZ, S - Architect
NEL, Casparus Johannes - Architect
NEL, CP - Architect
NEL, Hendrik Johannes - Architect
NEL, HJ - Architect
NEL, Iréne Erna - Architect
NEL, JJ - Architect
NEL, JJW - Architect
NEL, Johan - Architect
NEL, JP - Architect
NEL, K - Architect
NEL, Karlien - Architect
NEL, KP - Architect
NEL, L - Architect
NEL, M - Architect
NEL, Philip R - Architect
NEL, SJ - Architect
NEL, Theodorus Cornelis - Architect
NELMAPIUS, John - Architect
NELSON, John Peel - Architect
NERVI, Pierre Luigi - Structural Engineer, Architect
NESBIT, George Hunter Hardy - Artist
NESER, CJ - Architect
NESS, George - Metal worker
NESTADT, S - Architect
NEUHAUS, HA - Architect
NEUMANN, Klaus - Architect
NEUTRA, Richard - Architect
NEVILLE, J - Architect
NEWCOMBE, Donald Lansdown - Architect
NEWCOMBE, J, (T Newcombe?) - Architect
NEWCOMBE, Thomas - Architect
NEWDIGATE, Thomas Henry - Architect
NEWEY, Joseph - Engineer
NEWHAM, William Benjamin Turner - Architect
NEWLANDS, Thelma - Artist
NEWTON, JN - Architect
NGONYAMA, Sindile - Architect
NICHOLAS, Cyril James - Architect
NICHOLAS, RJ - Architect
NICHOLSON, Alfred H - Architect
NICHOLSON, Harry Leslie - Architect
NICHOLSON, J - Architect
NICHOLSON, John B - Architect
NICOL, George - Architect
NICOLAY, George William - Architect
NIEBUHR, RL - Architect
NIEGEMAN, Henk Theodorus Otto - Architect
NIEHAUS, RH - Architect
NIEMEYER, Oscar - Architect
NIEUWOUDT, P - Architect
NIJENES, Rein(i)er Willem - Architect
NISSEN, Gunter - Architect
NITSUN, Leon - Architect
NIVEN, James Just - Architect
NIXON, GC - Architect
NKABINDE, Ozi - Architect
NOAKE, Paul de Vere - Architect
NOALL, NM - Architect
NOBLE, Jonathan - Architect
NOBLE, S - Architect
NOERO, Jo - Architect
NOICK, Goodman - Architect
NOPPE, GJ - Architect
NORBURN, Richard Wilfred - Architect
NORDEN, R - Architect
NORMAN, Leon - Architect
NORTHEY, Horace Martin - Architect
NORTHOVER, Ernest Charles - Architect
NORVAL, GHM - Architect
NORWICH, Rose - Architect
NOTHLING, GH - Architect
NOTHNAGEL, R - Architect
NOTT, WH - Architect
NOTTINGHAM, EJ - Architect
NTULI, Johannes - Architect
NUNN, Aubrey Victor - Architect
NURCOMBE, Donald Lansdowne - Architect
NUSSBAUM, P - Architect
NUTTALL, Jean Carey - Architect
NYBERG, G - Architect
NYENES, Rein(i)er Willem - Architect
NYMAN, Gustaf Alfred (Gus) - Architect