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MAARSCHALK, AC - Architect
MAARSCHALK, M - Architect
MAARTENS, WPJ - Architect
MAAS, Dennis - Architect
MABIN, George Albert de Lisle - Architect
MACASKILL, Ian - Architect
MacBEAN, Ian Bryce - Architect
MacDONALD, Bruce - Architect
MacDONALD, Malcolm Somerled - Architect
MacDONALD, William Archibald [Archy] - Architect
MacDOUGALL, E - Architect
MacGILLIVRAY, Donald - Architect
MacGILLIVRAY, Ian Donald - Architect
MacKENZIE, Ian Duncan - Architect
MACKENZIE, James - Railway and Bridge Engineer
MacKENZIE, John Fraser - Architect
MacKENZIE, John Russell - Architect
MacKENZIE, Kenneth Roland - Architect
MacKENZIE, RD - Architect
MACKEY, James - Architect
MACKEY, Thomas W - Architect
MACKINTOSH, Evan - Architect
MACKINTOSH, Kirby - Architect
MacPHAIL, JA - Architect
MacPHERSON, KR - Architect
MADEN, James - Engineer
MADEN, James (Jas) - Engineer
MAHONEY, Sean - Architect
MAHONEY, Thomas - Architect
MAHONY, Thomas - Architect
MAILER, Karen - Architect
MAINON, Clovis d'Origny - Architect
MAITLAND, James Reid - Architect
MAKALIMA, Mziwoxolo (Mzi) - Artist
MAKEKA, Mokena - Architect
MAKIN, Andrew - Architect
MAKWE, Precious - Architect
MALAN, Arnaud G - Architect
MALAN, CilliƩ - Architect
MALAN, J - Architect
MALAN, JC - Architect
MALAN, PJ - Architect
MALE, Dudley - Architect
MALHERBE, GC - Architect
MALHERBE, J - Architect
MALHERBE, Stephanus - Architect
MALLOWS, Anthony Dominique Nassau - Architect
MALLOWS, Edward Wilfrid Nassau - Architect
MAMPURU, Linda - Architect
MANDELA, Nelson Rolihlahla - President