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KAAL, Henk - Architect
KACHIPANDE, Clarence - Architect
KAHN, GC - Architect
KAHN, Louis Isadore - Architect
KALLENBACH, Clifford Raphael - Architect
KALLENBACH, Hermann - Architect
KAMMEYER, Heinrich - Architect
KAMPEL, J - Architect
KAMPEL, Z - Engineer
KANTHACK, Francis Edgar - Engineer
KANTOROWICH, Roy Herman - Architect
KAPLAN, B - Architect
KAPLAN, D - Architect
KAPLAN, Maurice P - Architect
KAPTEYN, M - Architect
KARIM, Jamaloodeen - Architect
KAROL, Louis - Architect
KARP, A - Architect
KARP, Philip - Architect
KARSTEL, AL - Architect
KARUSSEIT, Catherine - Interior
KASS, F - Architect
KATSOURIS, PP - Architect
KATZ, Jonathan - Architect
KATZ, Julian - Architect
KEARNEY, SJ - Architect
KEATH, Michael - Architect
KEATING, Raleigh - Architect
KEELING, Candice - Architect
KEELING, Percy John - Architect
KEENOR, Edward Lancey - Architect
KEET, Barend B - Architect
KELL, William Arthur - Architect
KELLY, Cecil Walter - Architect
KELLY, Stanley Wilson - Architect
KELMAN, J - Contractor
KEMP, ? - Architect
KEMP, Frederik Albertyn - Architect
KEMP, Johannes Theodorus - Architect
KENDALL, Franklin Kaye - Architect
KENNEDY, Alexander MacFarlane - Architect
KENT, Frank Manoah - Architect
KENT, Harold - Architect
KENT, Henry Alfred Parkes - Architect
KENT, P - Architect
KERR, John Cameron - Architect
KESTING, Daniel Pieter - Architect
KESTING, Jean Jacques - Architect
KESTNER, H - Engineer
KEULER, KS - Architect