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HAAGNER, AC - Architect
HAAK, Pieter Albert - Architect
HAARHOFF, Errol J - Architect
HAARHOFF, Francois Dennis - Architect
HAARHOFF, L - Dominee
HAAS, GKH - Architect
HACK, Alec - Architect
HACK, Sydney Julius - Architect
HACKETT, DA - Architect
HADDON, David Strachan - Architect
HAENDEKE, P - Architect
HAGER, Carl Otto - Architect
HAGER, Johan Carel Maximillian - Architect
HAHN, Paul S Aneck - Architect
HALDER, Albert Hubert - Engineer / Architect
HALFORD FS, - Architect
HALL, Annie SL - Architect
HALL, Carl - Architect
HALL, George Henry Lockwood - Architect
HALL, James Oliver - Sculptor - Ceramicist
HALL, Joseph Lockwood - Architect
HALL, Laurence Sydney - Architect
HALL, Suzanne - Architect
HALL, Watson - Architect
HALLÉ, Gustav Gregory Richard - Architect
HALLEN, Hans Heyerdahl - Architect
HALLIER, CL - Architect
HAMILTON, Alexander Turnbull Russell - Architect
HAMILTON, Craig - Architect
HAMILTON, David - Architect
HAMILTON, KW - Architect
HAMILTON, Thomas William Stewart - Architect
HAMILTON-GORDON, George William - Architect
HAMLIN, Ernest John - Engineer
HAMLIN, Ralph Pitt - Architect
HAMMERSLEY-HEENEN, Robert Henry - Engineer
HAMPSON, R - Architect
HANCOCK, H - Architect
HANCOCK, James - Architect
HANCOCK, Peter - Architect
HANKINSON, G - Architect
HANNAN, Clyde - Architect
HANSEN, LC - Architect
HANSON, Lawrence Ford - Architect
HANSON, Lorna - Architect
HANSON, Norman Leonard - Architect
HANSON, PJ - Architect
HAQUEBORD, A - Architect
HARBER, Rodney Roy - Architect
HARDEGGER, August - Architect