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GABRIELS, Emanuel G - Architect
GAISFORD, John William - Architect
GALE, Mark - Architect
GALGUT, HP - Architect
GALGUTTY, ? - Architect
GALLAGHER, Glen John Brown - Architect
GALLAGHER, Norman William - Architect
GALLIERS, William Elton - Architect
GALPIN, Henry Carter - Architect
GAMMAGE, Arthur - Urban Designer
GARDINER, FG - Architect
GARDINER, Kenneth Edward Frederick - Architect
GARDNER, James - Architect
GARSON, Fiona - Architect
GASSON, Barrie - Architect
GAULDIE, John - Architect
GAUNTLETT, Henry Ernest - Architect
GAW, John - Architect
GAYSFORD, JH - Architect
GEERS, Geurt Marinus Jacobus - Architect
GEERS, Leendert Marinus - Architect
GELDENHUYS, Coenraad Pieter - Architect
GELGOR, S - Architect
GELLATLY, JTB - Engineer
GEMINIANI, Gianni - Architect
GENNIS, R - Architect
GEORGE, F - Architect
GEORGE, Geoff - Architect
GERBER, Jacques - Architect
GERBER, MH - Architect
GERBER, PJCdP - Architect
GERHARDT, Alfred Edgar, (Dr) - Architect
GERHARDT, Rainer Alfred Heinrich - Architect
GERICKE, SJ - Architect
GERMOND, CA - Architect
GERNEKE, Carl (Gus) - Architect
GERNHOLTZ, Carl August Paul - Architect
GERRAND, D - Engineer
GERRITSEN, Johannes Cornelis - Architect
GETS, Robin - Architect
GEZLER, DM - Architect
GIBB, John - Architect
GIBBERD, Jeremy Thobo - Architect
GIBBONS, John Martin - Architect
GIBBS, Arthur Henry - Architect
GIBBS, John (Jack) Richard - Architect
GIBBS, William Downes - Architect
GIBSON, James - Architect
GIBSON, Patrick - Architect
GIBSON, William Henry - Architect