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FISCHBECK, August Otto - Architect
FISCHER, Klaus Hinrich - Architect
FISH, HL - Architect
FISHER, JD - Architect
FISHER, Neal - Architect
FISHER, Roger Charles - Architect
FITCHET, Anne - Architect
FITCHETT, Rowallan Hugh - Architect
FITT, John Edward - Engineer / Architect
FITTINGHOFF, Rodney G - Architect
FITZGERALD, George Edmond - Architect
FITZPATRICK, Percy - Author
FITZSIMONS, Thomas Samuel - Architect
FLACK, Joseph - Engineer
FLASHMAN, J - Architect
FLEISCHMANN, Erwin Walter - Architect
FLEMING, Francis (Frank) Leonard Hodgson - Architect
FLEMING, George Granger - Architect
FLEMING, GSA - Architect
FLEMING, John - Architect
FLEMING, Leonard Huxley - Architect
FLETCHER, Charles - Architect
FLINT, Donald - Architect
FLOWER, Eddie - Architect
FLOYD, Hugh C - Architect
FOGELLEWITZ, B - Architect
FOGERTY, John Frederick - Architect
FORBES, William - Architect
FORBES-IRVIN, Alexander - Architect
FORD, ? - Architect
FORD, AV - Architect
FORD, Eric Marshall - Architect
FORD, ES - Architect
FORD, William Henry - Architect
FORD, WJ - Architect
FORJAZ, José Alberto Basto Pereira - Architect
FORMAN, JH - Engineer
FORREST, Alexander - Architect
FORREST, Frank - Architect
FORSYTH, Alexander - Architect
FORSYTH, Peter Orr - Architect
FORSYTH, Thain Davidson Parker - Architect
FORT, Herbert - Architect
FORT, John - Architect
FOSTER, WF - Architect
FOUCHÉ, JJ - Architect
FOUCHE, Lydia - Architect
FOUCHÉ, PW - Architect
FOURIE, F - Architect
FOURIE, Jacques - Architect

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