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FABBEN, CA - Architect
FABEL, Ernie - Architect
FAGAN, Gabriƫl Theron (Gawie) - Architect
FAGAN, Gwendoline Elizabeth (Gwen) - Landscape Architect
FAGAN, Henry - Engineer
FAGG, William George - Architect
FAIR, Alan Carmichael - Architect
FAIR, Arthur John - Architect
FAIR, Johnny - Architect
FAIRBAIRN, KG - Architect
FAIREY, William George - Architect
FALCK, Lindsay - Architect
FALLON, Walter Adolphus Ritchie - Architect
FANCOURT-WHITE, John - Architect
FANNIN, JE - Architect
FARHAM, Walter Howden - Architect
FARRELL, BA (Ben) - Landscape Architect
FARRELL, MJ - Architect
FARREN, Roy - Architect
FARROW, John Wilford Hilbert - Architect
FARROW, John Wilfred - Architect
FASSLER, John - Architect
FASSLER, Stephanie - Artist
FASSLER KAMSTRA, Mira - Architect
FAURE, Albert - Architect
FAURE, AP - Architect
FAURE, M - Architect
FEE, Lawrence Robin Morgan - Architect
FEITELBERG, S - Architect
FELDMAN, M - Architect
FELLOWES PRYNNE, George Halford - Architect
FELS, FA - Architect
FERGUSON, Johanna Eleanor - Architect
FERGUSON, John Bryce - Architect
FERGUSON, William Joseph Wildway - Architect
FERN, A - Architect
FERREIRA, D - Architect
FERREIRA, JF - Architect
FICK, Liebrecht - Architect
FIELD, G - Architect
FIELD, Stan - Architect
FIJVIE, Horace - Architect
FILTNESS, John - Architect
FINK, Nathan Isaac - Architect
FINKELSTEIN, Nathan Isaac - Architect
FINLAY, Howard - Architect
FINLAYSON, Graham - Architect
FINSEN, Evyind Niels - Architect
FIRTH, Arnold James Bowman - Architect
FISCHBECK, August Otto - Architect