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CAIRNCROSS, Thomas W - Architect
CAIRNCROSS, William - Architect
CAIRNS, William John - Architect
CALDERWOOD, Douglas McGavin - Architect
CALITZ, JJ - Architect
CALITZ, Norman - Architect
CALITZ, P - Architect
CALVERT, John - Architect
CAMERON, Isa - Artist
CAMERON, John - Architect
CAMERON, N - Architect
CAMERON-SMITH, ? - Architect
CAMPBELL, CD - Architect
CAMPBELL, G - Architect
CAMPBELL, GA - Architect
CAMPBELL, Malcolm - Architect
CAMPBELL, Robert McKenzie - Architect
CAMPBELL, William James - Architect
CANDIOTES, George - Architect
CANNING, Francis Lennox - Architect
CARMICHAEL, Charles - Architect
CARMICHAEL, John Grant - Architect
CARREE, HL - Architect
CARSTAIRS, Fergus - Architect
CARTER, A - Architect
CARTER, Frank Randle - Architect
CARTWRIGHT, Lancelot Dean - Architect
CARVER, John - Architect
CASSARKIS, E - Architect
CASTELL, Ferdi - Architect
CASTLE, Jenni - Architect
CATHCART, Richard - Architect
CATHCART, William D'Arcy - Architect
CATO, Christopher Joseph - Architect
CATO, William Watts - Architect : Surveyor
CAWSE, Charles Edwards - Architect
CHAFKIN, Lionel - Architect
CHALLIS, Mike - Architect
CHALLIS and ROY, - Architect
CHALMERS, Gordon Tudhope - Architect
CHAMBERLAIN, Charlotte - Architect
CHAMBERLAIN, Stephen - Architect
CHANDLER, Albert Henry - Architect
CHANDLER, Albert Henry - Architect
CHANDLER, EW - Architect
CHAPLIN, TH - Architect
CHAPMAN, Alexander Lawrence - Architect
CHAPMAN, RFH - Architect
CHAPMAN, Simon - Architect