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Records 1 to 50 starting with 'B'


BAART, LW - Architect
BABB, Stanley Nicholson - Artist
BABER, Rhoda - Artist
BABER, Ruth - Artist
BADENHORST, AL - Architect
BADER, Ian - Architect
BADER, MM - Architect
BAHLMANN, E - Architect
BAILEY, Anna - Architect
BAILEY, DS - Architect
BAILEY, M - Architect
BAILEY, Wellesley Cosby Patrick - Architect
BAILEY, William Henry - Architect
BAIN, Andrew Geddes - Engineer
BAIN, Robert - Artist
BAIN, Thomas Charles John - Engineer
BAIN, William John - Architect
BAKER, A - Architect
BAKER, ALL - Engineer
BAKER, GW - Architect
BAKER, Hughbert - Architect
BAKER, J - Architect
BAKER, Sir Herbert - Architect
BAKER, TW - Architect
BAKKER, C - Architect
BAKKER, Hendrik Anthony - Architect
BAKKER, HP - Architect
BAKKER, Karel Anthonie - Architect
BAKKER, PC - Architect
BALKIND, I - Architect
BALL, Brian William Bradford - Architect
BALL, BWB - Architect
BALL, RGB - Architect
BALLANTINE, EM - Architect
BALLANTINE, IJ - Architect
BALT, JD - Architect
BAM, MS - Architect
BANFIELD, SN - Architect
BANNERMAN, John - Architect
BANNISTER, William Ernest - Architect
BARAC, Tony - Architect
BARBOUR, James - Architect
BARBOUR, Percival Hamilton - Quantity Surveyor
BARBOURE, DB - Architect
BARBOURE, William Bruce - Architect
BARCLAY, J - Architect
BARKER, AA - Architect
BARKER, Arthur - Architect
BARKER, Douglas Graham - Architect