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ALEXANDER, S - Architect
ALEXANDER, SJ - Architect
ALLAN, Charles Cyril - Architect
ALLAN, James Wilkie - Architect
ALLEN, AM - Architect
ALLEN, CCF - Architect
ALLEN, Charles Joseph, O'Gallagher - Architect
ALLEN, EF - Architect
ALLISON, James - Missionary
ALLSOPP, WA - Architect
ALLUM, Alfred Stan(d)ley - Architect
ALMEIDA, Clara Da Cruz - Architect
AMSON, Ernst Edward - Architect
ANDERSON, B - Architect
ANDERSON, CM - Architect
ANDERSON, Deane - Architect, Painter, Art Critic, Writer, Lecturer
ANDERSON, James Donald - Architect
ANDERSON, James Millet - Architect
ANDERSON, KWJ - Architect
ANDERSON, LA - Architect
ANDERSON, LG - Architect
ANDERSON, Michael Knight - Architect
ANDERSON, Nick - Contractor
ANDERSON, RC - Architect
ANDERSON, Roderick William Pinkerton - Architect
ANDERSON, WB - Architect
ANDERSON, WGD - Architect
ANDERSSEN, EC - Architect
ANDERSSON, BAT - Architect
ANDREWS, Edwin Douglas - Architect
ANDREWS, George Samuel Burt - Architect
ANDREWS, Guy Hamilton - Architect
ANDREWS, Paul - Architect
ANDRIES, AA - Architect
ANEMA, Sybrand - Architect
ANGELINI, Guido - Architect
ANREITH, Anton - Artist
APOSTOLELLIS, Achilles - Architect
ARCHBELL, James - Missionary
ARCHIBALD, James - Architect
ARCHIBALD, Robert - Architect
ARENDSE, Kelly - Architect
ARENDT, KO - Architect
ARENSTEIN, Rowley - Architect
ARMITAGE, G Rockley - Architect
ARMSTRONG, Eric McDonald - Architect
Armstrong, F W Prof - Artist
ARMSTRONG, Frances - Architect

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