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Born: 1870
Died: 1918 10 12


Also sometimes spelt LINDLEY.

Arthur E Lindsley was born in 1870 in Taunton Heath Croydon. During the 1891 UK Census he was 21 years old and lived in Surrey. He appears as the son of his house in the 1891 UK Census. (RootsPoint)

He was employed by DW GREATBATCH in Kimberley in about 1902, Lindsley was said to have been an exceptionally fine draughtsman. He managed Greatbatch's office in Kimberley in 1902 during Greatbatch's absence. He was practising on his own account in Kimberley in 1914. He died during the Spanish influenza epidemic in 1918 and was buried in Kimberley. (Yuill 1984:58)

Books citing LINDSLEY

Yuill, David William. 1984. The architecture of Kimberley 1871-1914. Johannesburg: Thesis (Masters), University of Witwatersrand. pp 58