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HEYINK, Gerrit

Born: 1867
Died: 1945 09 01


Originally HEIJINK, later spelt HEEJINK.

Heyink was appointed to the Departement van Publieke Werken (PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT) in Pretoria on 31 August 1892 as a Draughtsman (2nd Class) under SW WIERDA and promoted to construction draughtsman at £275 per annum with the resignation of JH RUTGERS in 1893. The Acting Head of Public Works (in all probability Klaas VAN RIJSSE) promoted him to Draughtsman in 1895 at. In 1897 he is recorded as Supervisor (1st Class) in permanent appointment of the Department at a salary of at a salary £400 per annum in the Technical Division of the PWD. By 1899 he was signing himself, in a letter to JG KRAAN, as 'Architect, Publieke Werken' (MINNAAR, 2000: 40), although the Longlands Directory of 1899 records him as Overseer, 1st Class. He joined the Hollanders Corps and as member of Platoon V saw action at the Battle of Elandslaagte where he was captured and deported as prisoner of war to St Helena (Ferreira, 1977: 183). In 1908 he rejoined the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT. With the widespread Anglicisation of names he changed the spelling of his name to Heyink in about 1911. He was thus referred to for several years but when in 1928 he registered as a member of the Institute of South African Architects, he wrote HEEJINK. He was living and working as an architect in Pretoria in 1911 although not with the Public Works Department. He is recorded as attending a dinner in Preroria in 1929 in honour of the survivors of the Battle of Elandslaagte (Schoeman, 2011: 157). He retired in 1931 and resigned from the Institute of South African Architects in 1937.

ISAA 1928. (Donaldson & Braby's Pta dir 1911:1246; ISAA mem list; Rex 1974: 375)

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