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Established: 1899
Ended: 1906


The partnership agreement (Kendall & Earle Gift, UCT Libr BC 206) between H BAKER and FE MASEY dates from 1899, changing in 1906 to include FK Kendall's name (BAKER, MASEY & KENDALL). Masey joined Baker in about 1897 as an assistant. In partnership the two executed a number of significant buildings in Cape Town. They worked together for about five years before Baker moved to Johannesburg in 1902. Masey remained in Cape Town and ran the Cape Town office though with Baker keeping a close watch on it. The branch in Johannesburg was known first as BAKER & MASEY and then as BAKER, MASEY & SLOPER, until Masey left for Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). For a few years it was known as BAKER, MASEY & FLEMING. The last years of the partnership were unhappy years for Masey and there was a certain amount of acrimony after the partnership had ended which hinged on the obtaining of work and sharing of fees. This may have been the cause of Masey's discontent in Cape Town.

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