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Internal architecture division within the Volkskas bank. Volkskas, along with Afrikaner Nationalism in the late 1940s was moving towards professionalism, modernization and progress. It grew in tandem with the economy but as most of the Afrikaner capital was still located in farming they needed a project to market the concept of modern capitalism and associated industrial development in small rural towns. The need for many buildings to be constructed over a wide area as cheaply as possible prompted the creation of an in-house architectural office and stop employing high-profile private practitioners. GT FAGAN was resident architect from 1952 to 1964. He was responsible for maintenance and recycling of their buildings throughout South Africa, and designed 50 new banks during this period.
(Extracted and edited from Silverman 1998:134-135)

Clyde MEINTJES worked with FAGAN at Volkskas and has written about their time there. (See below: A tribute to Gabriel Fagan)


MEINTJES, Clyde. 2005. A tribute to Gabriel Fagan - on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, 15th November, 2005. Unpublished

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