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Established: 1934
Ended: 1945


A partnership between LM GEERS and his son GMJ GEERS in Johannesburg from 1934 to 1945. The firm continued under the same name after GMJ Geers's death. They were responsible for several churches for various branches of the Dutch Reformed Church community, including those at Villiers in the Orange Free State (1940), Mayfair in Johannesburg (1940) and the NHG Church at Roodepoort (1940). Their influence on Afrikaner Protestant Church architecture persisted through the work of VERMOOTEN who had served as an architect-in-training in, and then Junior Partner in Pretoria for their firm until the death of the younger GEERS.

(SAAR Sep 1934:247-8; Van Niekerk 1950)

Submitted and entry for the Competition for the new Prime Minister's Residence - unplaced.

All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

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