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Born: fl. 1870


'Our town architect' (QFP Mar 31, 1871:2) designed a house for one of Dordrecht's leading businessmen, Mr Wallach, the Dutch Reformed Postma Church in Dordrecht, as well as a ceremonial archway to celebrate the visit of the Governor, Sir Henry Barkly, to the town in 1870. He assisted in moderating the town's housing shortage by helping set up the 'Dordrecht Allotment Building Society' which proposed the development of an area in the town for 'ten neat and comfortable dwellings' (QFP 14 Jun 1870:2 col 2) with Wallach and a few other townsmen. Nothing is currently known about his origins nor his training.

(QFP 8 Jan 1867; QFP 31 Mar 1871:2, cols 2-3, 3; Schoeman 1987)

All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

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Ceremonial archway: c1870. Dordrecht, Eastern Cape - Architect
House Wallach: c1870. Dordrecht, Eastern Cape - Architect
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: c1870. Dordrecht, Eastern Cape - Architect