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Established: 1926


In 1924 JWH FARROW was joined by CWB STOCKS in East London and in 1926 they entered into partnership, the firm known as FARROW & STOCKS in 1928. The office won first premium in the competition for the Cape Divisional Offices, Greenmarket Square in Cape Town (1925), built later elsewhere and not to their designs. The 1930s are the best-documented period of their work. They were in considerable demand throughout the Eastern Province. While the large buildings made use of classical vocabulary, some of the smaller commercial buildings such as Whittaker's Building in East London (1930-1931) were of modern design. In 1933 an attempt was made to open a Durban branch office, abandoned in 1935. In 1939 JW FARROW was admitted to the partnership (cf FARROW, STOCKS & FARROW).

(AB&E Dec 1925:3; SAB Jul 1933:39)

Cape Town: Divisional Council HQ, won in competition (AB&E Dec 1925:3) 1925; East London: Whittaker's bldg, Oxford St (SAB Jan 1930:37; SAB Mar 1931:15 ill) 1930-1; Housewifery Dept at East London Technical College (SAB Jan 1930:39) 1930; Irwin & Johnson cold storage (SAB Apr 1930:47 tend) 1930; King William's Town: Standard Bank, McClean St (SAB Apr 1930:47 tend) 1930; Queenstown: Barclays Bank (SAB Mar 1930:41; Cumming-George 1933:136) 1930?; East London: House S Max (SAB Mar 1930:43) 1930 House WG Martin, Nahoon (SAB May 1930:47) 1930; Divisional Council Bldgs, Buxton St (SAB Jun 1930:51) 1930?; E Baker's Bldg, Terminus St (SAB Jun 1930:51) 1930; Continental Hotel, add (SAB Oct 1930:45) 1930; Wool Exchange (SAB Nov 1930:95; SAB Jul 1931:27 ill) ?1930; Museum, Oxford St (SAB Nov 1930:95, tend; SAB Mar 1931:51) 1930-1; YWCA, North St (SAB Dec 1930:33) ?1930; Queenstown: Standard Bank, Cathcart Rd (SAB Jan 1931:ill) c1931; East London: Mutual Benefit Bldg Soc, Terminus St (SAB Feb 1931:41) ?1931; Phoenix Hotel, rebuilt (SAB Mar 1931:51) 1931-2; St John's Church, vestry (SAB Apr 1931:49) 1931; House Lt Col NG Lewis, Selbourne (SAB May 1931:43) 1931; Cradock: Land and Agricultural Bank (SAB Jun 1931:41) 1931; Standard Bank (SAB Jun 1931:41; Cumming-George 1:137) 1931; East London: Shops/offices, Oxford/Stephenson Sts (SAB Jul 1931:49) 1931; House W Bradford, St Patrick's Rd (SAB Aug 1931:41) 1931; Standard Bldg Soc,alt/add, Terminus St, assoc archts JL HALL, E STEVENSON (SAB Sep 1931:50) 1931; McClean (McClear?) Town Public School, bldg (SAB Oct 1931:73) 1931; East London: House MM Longmore, Athlone Crescent (SAB Nov 1931:35) 1931; House CK Bradley, Arnoldton (SAB Dec 1931:35) 1931-2; Flats, Oxford/Stephenson Sts (SAB Jan 1932:29) 1932; Clarendon Hotel (SAB Mar 1932:37; SAB Jul 1932:45) ?1932; Stutterheim: School bldgs and teacher's quarters for the Waterlily Public School (SAB Mar 1932:29) 1932; East London: House Dr GJC Smythe, St George's Rd (SAB Mar 1931:37) 1932; Tarkastad: Standard Bank (SAB Mar 1932:37) 1932; East London: Gonubie Manor Hotel, reconstr (SAB Sep 1932:41) 1932-3; King William's Town: Bowker's Creameries Factory (SAB Oct 1932:99) 1932-3; Queenstown: Frontier Hospital (SAB Oct 1932:99, tend) 1932-4; East London: House Mrs G Chatterton (SAB Oct 1932:99; SAB Jan 1933:37) 1932-3; Flats for AE Brown, St Luke's Rd (SAB Dec 1932:36) 1932; Umtata: Boys' School (SAB Oct 1932:99) 1932; East London: Hospital for Infectious Diseases (SAB Jan 1933:37 tend) 1933; Clarendon Hotel, ballroom (SAB Jan 1933:37) ?1933; King William's Town: Afrikaans Medium School (SAB Mar 1933:41) 1933; Bowker's Park Creamery (SAB Mar 1933:41) 1933; East London: Garlick's stores, Oxford St (SAB Jun 1933:41) 1933; House Hunter, Wilsonia (SAB Jul 1933:39) 1933; Gonubie Mouth: Primary School (SAB Oct 1933:33) 1933; Queenstown: Frontier Hospital (SAB Jun 1934) 1934; East London: Gibberd, Bryant & Co, alt/add, Oxford St (SAB Sep 1934:49) 1934; House HP Perks, Gately St (SAB Sep 1934:49) 1934; Eastern Province Bldg Soc, Terminus St (SAB Sep 1934:49) 1934; Adla House, Terminus St (SAB Sep 1934:49) 1934; Queenstown: Daily Representative offices, reconstr (SAB Sep 1934:55 proposed) 1934; East London: House FV Bryant (SAB Jan 1935:53) 1935; Flagstaff: Primary School (SAB Apr 1935:29) 1935; Umtata: Hospital (SAB Apr 1935:31) 1935; East London: House Hasenjager, Thorburn Terrace (SAB May 1935:53) 1935; East London Club (SAB May 1935:53) 1935; Frere: Frere hospital, alt (SAB Jul 1935:57) 1935; Kidd's Beach: School (SAB Jul 1935:57) 1935; King William's Town: Girls' High School, bldg (SAB Nov 1935:45) 1935; East London: Selbourne College, Principal's residence (SAB Dec 1935:58) 1935; House FW Meyer (SAB Dec 1935:58) 1935; Offices and show rooms for AJ Ries, Oxford St (SAB Dec 1935:58) 1935; Girls' High School, bldg (SAB Oct 1935:89; SAB Feb 1936:50) 1936?; Fort Beaufort: Hospital (SAB Dec 1935:58) 1936?; East London: Flats for Mrs CB Stocks, Currie St (SAB Apr 1936:50) 1936; Girls' High School, hostel (SAB Apr 1936:50) 1936; House HB Robbis (SAB Apr 1936:50) 1936; SA Mutual & Investment Trust Bldg, alt, Terminus St (SAB Jun 1936:55) 1936; Belgrave Hotel, Kimberley Rd (SAB Sep 1936:63) 1936; House JW Farrow (SAB Sep 1936:63, tend) 1936; Flats for HP Krubbs, Bonanza St (SAB Dec 1936:52) 1936; King William's Town: Central Woodwork Bldg, Thomas St (SAB Mar 1937:53) 1937; East London: Flats/shops, Fleet St for Smit & Rootman (SAB Apr 1937:62) 1937; House EC Makin (SAB Apr 1937:63) 1937; Flats for ER Grey (SAB Apr 1937:63) 1937; Panmure Theatre (Colosseum?), Market Sq, assoc archt PR COOKE (SAB May 1937:63) 1937-8; Flats HAB Winklelman, Rees St (SAB May 1937:63) 1937; King William's Town: Grey Hospital, Nurses' Homes (SAB Oct 1937:63) 1937?; East London: Motor show rooms and offices for Manning and Patterson, Fleet St (SAB Feb 1938:63) 1938; Fire Station (SAB Feb 1938:63) 1938; East London Golf Club House (SAB Jun 1938:64) 1938; Langham Hotel, add (SAB Jun 1938:64) 1938; Queenstown: Queen's College High School, hostel for boys (SAB Jun 1938: 67) 1938; East London: Coloured Secondary School, bldg (SAB Sep 1938:68) 1938; House Mr Ewing (of Jhb), West Bank (SAB Sep 1938:68) 1938; Cofimvaba: Primary School (SAB Oct 1938:64) 1938; Port Elizabeth: Smith Sign Co, (SAB Dec 1938:64) 1938; East London: Kaffrarian Steam Mill Co. Ltd, Mill, Dyer Sts (SAB Dec 1938 64) ?1939; House R Bryant (SAB Jul 1939:67) 1939; Perseverance Bldg Soc (SAB Jul 1939:67) 1939; Umtata: General Council Chamber and offices of United Transkeian Territories General Council (SA Archt Nov 1939:284) 1939; Port St John's: Town hall, proposed (CAD M2/2424) n.d.

All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.