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CURRY, John Henry

Born: 1859
Died: 1941


ARIBA 1881.

Was educated at Dulwich College, England around 1870-1880, and served articles with Henry Curry, ARIBA. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools in 1881 while an assistant in H Saxon Snell's office in London. Curry won the Grissell Medal in 1881. He went to South America in 1888, where, until 1891 his address was given as 'c/0 Messrs Treacher, Tenac & Co, Rosario de Santa Fe, Argentine Republic'. By 1894/1895 he was again living in Sutton, Surrey, at which time he entered a competition for the Llandudno Municipal Buildings, and was awarded second premium. He was awarded first premium in a competition for Sutton Public Buildings, Surrey, England in 1895, a partner in the firm Curry & Tatlock. He came to South Africa in about 1896, his address in 1896 being given as c/o the Chief Inspector's Office, PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT, Cape Town. In 1902 he became a member of the South African Association of Architects, a founder member; Curry worked in South Africa for about eight years and by 1904 he had returned to England. In 1914 he was living/working in South Croydon. For many years he worked for Sir Alexander Stenning, and had contacts with Mr Arthur Mew up to c1930.

(ARIBA nom papers (1881) (7) 116; RIBA kals 1896-1904; S Pampinella, Argentina, pers com.1999)

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Books citing CURRY

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