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Reg No: 1347
Year registered: 1951

BArch (Witwatersrand) MIArch

Past President of the Institute of Architects (1976), recipient of the Institute's Gold Medal of Distinction.


Born in Johannesburg some time ago and educated there, after spending the early years of his life in Bloemfontein. Joined the SAAF after matriculating at Jeppe High School, and served as a navigator on coastal patrols in South Africa and then in light bombers in the Balkan Air Force based in Italy.

Chose the Air Force despite a strong and persistent aversion to flying because the quality of the cuisine, accommodation and uniform was more acceptable than in most other units, and the officers' clubs were in such places as Sorrento and Algiers.

Service in Italy, Egypt and Greece, and bird's-eye views of Jugoslavia confirmed a suspicion that he would like to become an architect, which was reinforced by the realisation that he lacked the talent to survive as an artist or the acumen to succeed as a businessman.

Commenced architectural studies at Wits after the war, married early in the course, and was encouraged and ably supported by his remarkable wife Nan, who had qualified as a physiotherapist in time to become the breadwinner.

Practised with Dave HADDON after qualifying [HADDON & ALLEN] then lectured at Wits for five years.

Went grey in January 1962, either as a result of his first year of lecturing, or a misunderstanding with a barber in Barcelona.

Joined the practice of KENNEDY, FURNER, IRVINE-SMITH and JOUBERT in 1966 where he has "lived happily ever after" while working full time for the Institute of South African Architects as various types of President, Foreign Minister and dogsbody.

Has travelled in Europe, Australia, the Far East, Mexico, the USA, South America and various other places either on his own account or in pursuit of his wife who tends to act in similar capacities for her association and delivers papers to world congresses.

Has three adult progeny, one of whom is in imminent danger of becoming an architect, and one grandchild of recent vintage.

Indulges in no sports or hobbies but enjoys tennis, swimming and gardening. Has skied on occasion, and hopes to sketch and paint one day as a hobby, and perhaps even learn to play tennis.

In the meantime will continue with architecture as a livelihood, sport and hobby.

(Transvaal Provincial Institute/TPI News Nr. 10., 1981)
Submitted by Karlien van Niekerk