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BREYER, Jan Hendrik

Born: fl 1890
Died: 1940


Originally BREIJER. Born in Arnhem, Netherlands (Malherbe, 1959: 28). Rex (1974: 375) records him as a draughtsman in the DPW of the ZAR under WIERDA. He applied for ZAR citizenship in 1898. In the South African War he was a member of the 4th Platoon of the Hollander Corps, recorded as missing in action during the Battle of Elandslaagte (Ploeger, 1989:37).

For a time in the early 1920s GEG LEITH appears to have shared an office or a floor in a building with an elderly Dutch architect, JH BREYER. A number of LEITH's jobs from these days refer to original plans by BREYER who retired to live in Holland sometime between 1927 and 1932.

What is further known about Breyer is that he was an elderly Dutch architect who passed on the project for the Netherlands Bank Building in Springs (1936) to BURG & LODGE as their first job.

Schoeman (2011:162) has his death as 1945.

(Burg 1989)

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