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Established: 1935


In 1935 JR BURG asked his son (JS BURG) and his son's partner (CS LODGE) to assist with the large amount of work in his Pretoria office. Lodge came to assist and never left. A partnership was formed in January 1936 between JR Burg, CS Lodge and JS Burg, with offices in Springs and Pretoria. The Springs office was closed in 1941 for lack of work and thereafter they worked only from Pretoria. The buildings they designed during the latter half of the 1930s were modernistic and representative of the period. Their numerous commercial buildings set a stamp on the centre of Pretoria which helped give Pretoria a character of its own; domestic in scale and low rise in contrast to the taller and larger blocks of Johannesburg. Pretorius St, Schoeman St and Church St in Pretoria still (1992) have excellent examples of the work of Burg, Lodge & Burg, in particular the Libri Building and Salisbury House in Church St. The firm was also responsible for buildings such as the Customs House (with V REES-POOLE) (c1950), AVBOB Headquarters (1957) in Church St West and the Zoo Director's House, National Zoological Gardens (1970), all in Pretoria, and Randburg High School in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg (n.d.)

(Burg 1989; Burg et al 1984; Pretoriana no 96 Nov 1989; SAAR Jan 1936:30)

With the practice flourishing in the late 40's and early 50's, Old man BURG left Jimmy at the helm when he retired in 1945. Continued expansion saw Anthony Carden (Tony) DOHERTY joining the firm in 1953 and becoming a full partner in 1960, with the resultant name change for the practice to – BURG, LODGE & DOHERTY.

The following works have no dates yet: attribution being Burg et al 1894; Pretoria: Libri Bldg (Van Schaik's Bookshop), Church St (c1940); Boerstra's Bakery, 100 Schoeman St (n.d.); Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital (n.d.); Customs House (n.d.); Assize Bldgs (n.d.); National Zoological Gardens, bldgs (n.d.); United Bldgs, Pretorius St (UBS?) pre-1941; Southern Life Bldgs, 248 Church St (n.d.); Merino Bldg (original bldg), Pretorius St (n.d.); Wachthuis, Pretorius St (n.d.); Thibault Bldgs, Pretorius St (n.d.); Savelkouls, Pretorius St (n.d.); E & R Mansions, 260 Scheiding St pre-1941

All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

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