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VAN LISSA, Victor Alexander Herman Claudius

Born: 1863 03 06
Died: 1947 06 17


List of Projects

He was born in Vlissingen, Netherlands, in 1863. Was listed as an architect practising in Pretoria in 1899.

Chief architect in the headquarters of the NZASM office in Pretoria. Probably designed 'Mea Vota' (now NZASM Memorial House), Rissik Street, Pretoria, for the NZASM Engineers, A WESTENBERG and C VAN DER MADE. Designed many of the NZASM stations including Heidelberg, Klerksdorp, Krugersdorp, Middleburg, Potchefstroom and Volksrust Railway Stations. (De Jong et al: 1989: 85, 137, 185). Not recorded after 1899 which suggests he left at the advent of the South African War or was deported with most of the NZASM employees by the British at their occupation of the ZAR in 1900.

He died in Rotterdam in 1947.

(Gemeentearchief Rotterdam)