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List of Projects

TODD, Cyril Erik

Born: 1907 07 16
Died: 1992


Reg No: 574
Year registered: 1934

DipArch 1933 (Witwatersrand)

OBE, MC, ARIBA, MIA, DipArch(Rand). Was born at Cala in the Transkei, the younger son of Cyril Herbert Todd, and educated at Pretoria Boys' High School. He joined the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT in Pretoria in May 1927 as a learner in structural engineering draughting and joined the five-year part-time Diploma course in Architecture through the University of the Witwatersrand, attending classes in Pretoria. In October 1928 he was working for the PWD on a part time basis, employed as an architectural assistant; following his graduation in March 1933 with a Diploma in Architecture, he was appointed as an architectural assistant grade 1, completing his thesis in 1934 and being elected an Associate member of the RIBA the same year. In that year (1934) he married Mildred Diana Lucy Batho. In 1938 he resigned from the PWD and began practice on his own account in Pretoria. Soon after his resignation from the PWD he was approached by a Johannesburg businessman who wanted to form a company to bring out a publication on the Public Works of South Africa. Todd was invited to edit the periodical, and the first copy appeared in November 1938. Todd continued as editor until he volunteered for active service in 1940.

He served in the South African Engineer Corps, commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1940 until 1945. his last thee years of the war were in the North African and Italian campaigns. He was appointed CRE of theSA Corps Troops with the 8th Army in 1945 and had a distinguished war service, receiving the Immediate Award of MC after Cassino and Order of the British Empire for his Group's 'Springbok Bridge' over the River Po.

He recommenced practice as soon as he returned from Italy in 1945. By 1959 he was in a partnership with JJA VAN SCHAIK and B AUSTIN (cf ERIK TODD, VAN SCHAIK & AUSTIN). He retired in 1972, the name of his firm at his retirement was ERIC TODD, AUSTIN, SANDILANDS & PARTNERS in Pretoria. With his preference for house design, and bearing in mind 'every man's home is his castle', Todd considered it to be the duty of an architect to give the client what he wanted, to see that the building was well and economically planned and looked good in its own particular style. Besides a number of domestic works, Todd was responsible for the National Chemical Laboratory at the Council of Industrial Research, the school for the Cerebral Palsied, the Flower Foundation flats, the Princess Christian Home, the headquarters for the Civilian Blind as well as several churches in the Pretoria area. He did a number of jobs for the Transvaal Provincial Administration, including the hospitals at Schweizer-Reneke and Lichtenburg; his final project before he retired was the Jan Smuts Airport for the PWD. Todd lectured for many years on building construction to artisans in the building trade at the Pretoria Technical College and to students of architecture and quantity surveying at the University of Pretoria. He was an external examiner in professional practice at the University of the Witwatersrand and for twenty-five years served on the Town Planning Advisory Committee of the Pretoria City Council. Two streets in Pretoria have been named after him, one in Deerness Township and one in Philip Nel Park. Todd was the assessor of the competitions for Welkom Town Hall and for the Windhoek Art Gallery. Cyril Erik Todd was the brother of Sidney Herbert TODD.

Pres TPIA 1947; Vice-President-in-Chief ISAA 1950/51; President-in-Chief ISAA 1951/2; ISAA Gold Medal of Honour 1965; ARIBA 1934; TPIA 1934; OBE; MC. (ARIBA nom papers (1934) 5591; ISAA mem list; PSL 1936; PWSA 1938-1965; SAAR Jul 1934:193; Todd 1990)

Publ: The Vaal River scheme, PWSA Dec 1938:29-30; Another great irrigation scheme Loskop dam), PWSA Jan 1939:30-32; Paul Kruger farm school, PWSA Jun 1939:22-26

Recipient of the Gold Medal Award from the South African Institute of Architects.

List of projects

With photographs
With notes

Flower Foundation Flats: n.d.. Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
Headquarters for the Civilian Blind: n.d.. Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
Hospital: n.d.. Lichtenburg, North West - Architect
Hospital: n.d.. Schweizer-Reneke, North West - Architect
House J McIlwrath: 1939. Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
House NK Schmidt: 1938. Brooklyn, Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
House R Stewart: 1938. Brooklyn, Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
National Chemical Laboratory: n.d.. Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
Pretoria General Hospital, ext Sassim Adam Ward: 1940. Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
Princess Christian Home: n.d.. Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect
School for the Cerebral Palsied: n.d.. Pretoria, Gauteng - Architect

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