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SMALL, Charles

Born: fl. 1904
Died: 1937


Worked in Johannesburg from about 1904; no information has yet been found about his training. He was first listed practising in partnership with one GOODWIN and CD CUTHBERT (cf. GOODWIN, SMALL & CUTHBERT) in Johannesburg in 1904. He appears to have left the firm by 1905 as he was no longer listed with them after this date. The Johannesburg directory for 1909 listed him in the alphabetical list of residents and here his address was given as c/o LECK & EMLEY. By 1915 he was a member of the Association of Transvaal Architects; he enlisted for active service during the First World War, returning to practice in Johannesburg after the war. In 1922 he was 'wounded at the fight on Brixton Ridge ... is now convalescent and has resumed practice on his own account at 50 Sauer's Building, Loveday Street, Johannesburg' (Building Jun 1922:45), (the Battle of Brixton Ridge took place on 12 March, 1922.) He joined NW GALLAGHER in partnership in Johannesburg in December 1922 (cf. SMALL & GALLAGHER). The partnership seems to have lasted until 1926 after which Small was listed on his own. He gained second premium in the competition for the Pretoria Technical College in 1926 and won the competition for the Central Fire Station, Johannesburg in 1931. His extensive practice included blocks of flats of designed in an eclectic modernistic style with balconies jutting out at irregular spacings, an example being Windermere Court in Johannesburg; his houses appear to mass towards the centre and tend towards the picturesque. Small worked in association with TS SCHAERER on several buildings until about 1937 (cf. SMALL & SCHAERER). Small also worked with WJ DE ZWAAN.

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Submitted and entry for the Competition for the new Prime Minister's Residence - unplaced.

All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

Books citing SMALL

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