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ROSENBERG, Maximilian (Max)

Born: 1874 11 04
Died: 1932 10 03


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Was born in Niedermeiser, now Liebenau, Hesse, Germany. Son of Simon Mathias Rosenberg and Frieda Friede Rosenberg, married to Zeffra Hilda Rosenberg with whom he had three children. He practised in Cape Town from about 1890 to 1906; one of whose chief assistants (c1893-1900) was H ROWE. A single building so far recorded as by him, Kamp's Cafe, was designed in the style of the seventeenth century, according to its recorder, Picton-Seymour (1978:58). He did not register as a member of the Institute of South African Architects and it is thereby assumed that he had died (or left the country or retired) before 1927.

He died on October 3, 1932 in Vienna, Austria.

(Juta's dir CT 1902; SAA&B Dec 1904 bus dir; SAA&B Jan 1906 bus dir)

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